In case you hadn’t noticed lately, Spring has FINALLY sprung here in Central Indiana! After several weeks of cold weather and even some snow, we’ve finally turned the corner and have had some decent weather! While we were waiting on the weather to cooperate with some of our plans for the farm (planting pumpkins, gourds, decorative corn, popcorn, etc.) we took some time to get together for a “bee class” with Nick (our resident bee expert)! It was a great day of going through the hives (even though it was pretty cold and windy that day) and getting familiar with each of the queens (which all have names by the way…more on that in a future post) and the “Do’s and Do Not’s” of beekeeping. While there is always plenty of activity on the farm (even some of it is “business related” LOL), it was nice to have some time to prepare for what is about to be an extremely busy summer!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded the farm this year by adding several new hives and our new bees have been VERY BUSY getting settled into their new homes! When I say “several” new hives, I guess I should start by clarifying my use of generic words such as “several” doesn’t always follow what would be considered “traditional definitions.” 🙂 If there is one thing that Nick and I have been very good at since we started hanging out, it’s learning the art of not calling too much attention to our shenanigans….and in some cases the less information we provide….the better! 🙂

So, to clarify a little further, we added 35 new hives this year and the entire farm is now bustling with more honey bee activity than ever!! You may be wondering “what would possess these guys to make such a large change in their operation?” and you wouldn’t be alone! The honest to goodness truth is that we just can’t keep enough honey in stock for everyone who has enjoyed it over the last couple years! So, we decided to make a fairly significant investment to help ensure that Mumbe’s is prepared to continue providing high-quality honey products to the good people of Indiana (and beyond).

While Nick and I are usually running in “full steam ahead” mode, the girls (Jennifer and Michelle) have done as good a job as possible keeping us from getting too out of control! In fact, if they hadn’t been here to keep an eye on us, we probably would be looking at closer to 100 hives and find ourselves in way over our head!

It’s been a great year so far and we’re looking forward to a great summer! Keep checking back for posts and more information about where we’ll be at this summer so you can stop by our booth to say hello and place your early order for fall-time decorations!

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