Hot Honey Royale


Bourbon barrel aged Hot Honey


You’ve been asking for it and it’s FINALLY here…FLAVORED HONEY is in stock!! This includes a VERY SPECIAL 6 month project with our good friend King Butter!!

So, may we present to youKING BUTTER’S HOT HONEY ROYALE!!

Welcome, noble souls, to the realm of culinary delight! Behold, the creation that elevates your senses to the throne of flavors – Hot Honey fit for royalty!

Prepare your palates for a culinary coronation as this exquisite Hot Honey reigns over your taste buds with its regal blend of sweet and heat.

This golden elixir, infused with the essence of the finest peppers and the sweetness of the purest honey, is no ordinary condiment. It is a masterpiece crafted for those who crave the extraordinary!

Indulge in the royal feast fit for kings and queens. Each dish, now graced with the touch of Hot Honey, shall become a delicacy worthy of a royal banquet.

Rejoice as your taste buds revel in the divine symphony of sweet nectar and spicy fire, harmoniously dancing on your tongue. With each spoonful, you shall be transported to a realm of indulgence where pleasure knows no bounds.”

Hail to the Hot Honey! A majestic concoction that sets your taste buds aflame with joy! Hot Honey Royale – Reigning Supreme in Flavor!

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